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Global Virtual Interviews


Global Virtual Interviews was formed in 2004 to offer a world class service of organizing videoconferencing facilities on a worldwide basis. We work on behalf of international organizations that have a need to interview or meet with candidates without traveling - saving on time away from the office, reducing costs substantially and helping reduce their own carbon footprint. 

Since inception, GVI has grown at a phenomenal rate and now looks after clients on every continent. In 2006, the company received two awards for "New Business" & "Entrepreneurial & Business Start Up" which the company is continuing to build on.


With over 3000 partner sites worldwide, we are confident we can offer you a convenient location to both you and your candidate/colleague. In the unlikely event we do not have a partner site in the city of your choice, we will find a location best suited to your requirements that adheres to our strict vetting policies.

Our Clients

Our clients come from varied disciplines and from every corner of the globe. We assist International Recruitment Agencies, Government Agencies, Universities, Hospitals and Oil Companies to name but a few, and they all have one thing in common - they require to interview a candidate/meet a client or a colleague from another part of their country or another country.
  • Do you ever have a need to interview a candidate/meet a client or a colleague from overseas? 
  • Is your time for traveling limited? 
  • Can you not get away from your office because of your workload? 
Why not give Global Virtual Interviews a call on 0044 1506 880 777 for more information on how we can help. ​


To contact Alastair is the safest and most reliable way to organize a videoconference. He's always there for our needs, quick in response and what is most important for us - confidential. I can definitely recommend his services to everybody!
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