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Global Virtual Interviews

Bridging Service

Do you ever have the need to connect 2 or more sites together for that all important business meeting but do not have the correct equipment or technical know how? 

Do you need to connect your system, which connects over ISDN with another site equipped only with IP, or vice versa? 


Global Virtual Interviews will enable you to organise point-to-point videoconferences (between 2 videoconference rooms) or a multipoint videoconference (where 3 videoconference rooms or more are connected). No matter where they are in the world. 

And with our bridges and VPN IP MPLS we can link all sites regardless of whether they use, ISDN or IP. 

ISDN Cost Savings

As well as providing a professional and flawless service, Global Virtual Interviews can also save you money on your International ISDN calls. Our current clients who were previously using BT are now saving on average 20% on their actual call charges. For more information please contact Global Virtual Interviews and start saving today. 


  • Booking of videoconference rooms worldwide, if required.
  • Technical co-ordination of the different sites before your videoconference. 
  • Technical assistance with the multipoint bridge before and during the videoconference. 

Once you book one of our videoconference bridges, you can relax. We will handle everything from test calls to dialling into each videoconference site at the specified time and connect all rooms to the meeting.

Global Virtual Interviews have been our main source for Video Conference Rooms outside North America since early 2005. Always a pleasure to work with, they provide prompt, courteous, personalized service every time.
VC Bureau Service, USA