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Global Virtual Interviews


We don't have videoconference facilities ourselves?

That's not a problem, we can organise a site for you to go to in your own city, which will be charged at a standard rate per hour. 

We have never used videoconference facilities before?

All of our partner sites worldwide have technical support who will be in attendance until your videolink goes live. 

How much notice do we need to give you to organise an interview?

We prefer to have 3 days notice, this will allow us time to arrange your required site and take international time zones into account. We are of course able to organise links at short notice but this is always subject to contacting your preferred location.

How do we make contact with the candidate we want to interview?

We always ask for the Name, Address, Telephone No and Email address of all candidates you are wishing to interview. This will allow us to contact your candidate on your behalf prior to booking the videoconference site and also to make sure the candidate will be at the location on the date you wish to interview them. We always contact them on your behalf, naming your company. 

How much does this service cost?

If you have videoconference facilities yourself, you will only pay for the location of candidate/colleague. If you do not have videoconference facilities there will be a charge for each site. 

The charge will be a standard cost for a single one hour interview anywhere in the world. This charge includes all administration costs.

What if my interview/meeting lasts longer than one hour?

In the event your interview/meeting lasts more than 1 hour then an additional charge will be charged per site used.

What are the ISDN call charges?

If you have videoconference facilities and you are dialling into one of our partner sites, you will not be charged ISDN call charges. If you are using one of our sites or if one of our sites dial into your system then you will be liable for the cost of the ISDN call charges, which will be based on the call charges from that locations tariff. We would never charge you ISDN call charges without giving you prior notice.